Creating a Material Compliance Certificate

In many cases, customers specify their (internal) requests as follows:

  • Do your customers demand a material compliance statement regarding their contractual and specification-related obligations?
  • Would you like to know whether you are also permitted to sell a product of yours that is established in Europe on the Asian market without having to make further adaptations?
  • Do your customers demand information regarding the content and concentration of certain substances in the supplied products, if they are indeed present?
  • Does the update of the REACH candidate list require you to once again re-check your product portfolio for SVHC?
  • Are you required to forward a confirmation of your products' RoHS compliance to your customers?
  • In certain product applications, is it important to know whether your products contain rare earth elements?
  • Does your service department require information on whether a product developed a number of years ago may still be supplied as a spare part or even re-supplied as a new part?
  • Does your management demand you make a statement regarding the changes or substitutions with regard to materials that your company is facing in the coming years?

By using an IMDS entry as the basis, the product's material compliance and its individual parts can be verified at any time using tec4U and its CoChecker compliance software. In a final step, you receive a certificate confirming your product's material compliance. The certificate is based on the ISO/IEC 17000 standard statement of compliance. For this reason, it is a direct document of proof for your customers.

CoChecker Software

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