CoChecker (Compliance Checker)

Compliance refers to the recognition and implementation of all relevant laws as well as internal and external guidelines.

Meanwhile, compliance has become a central factor for entrepreneurial success. Noncompliance with normative basic conditions is associated with high liability risks and enormous image damage. The concern is to sensitise employees and ensure the implementation of and adherence to legal and customer-specific specifications.

Compliance Checker


Goal of the CoChecker

  • To be able to make it possible to evaluate a component with respect to its customer-specific/legally-specific material compliance at any time;
  • this applies equally for a compliance assessment projected to the time the product in question is to be brought into circulation.
  • Implementation of the CoChecker

  • Within the CoChecker, the material specifications of the automobile industry with respect to the vehicle and the components it contains are processed and made testable.
  • This enables a manufacturer of components to use a software-supported query to check which material requirements above and beyond the currently generally-recognised material standard (IMDS and GADSL) apply to its component.
  • The legal requirements, standards and guidelines as well as customer requirements are collected here.
CoChecker Software

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